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Getting to know us...

WELCOME to the KKD Beauty Cafe website! We are so excited that you stopped by to check us out. Other than the basic "about me" section I thought Id start off by telling you a bit more about the team and who we are outside of this business. My name is Kelsey, I am the owner. I have 4 beautiful children 11, 9, 4, and 8 months. 2 girls and 2 boys. I stay home with the littlest 2 during the week.

I am extremely blessed to get to do what I love and spend most all my other time with my kiddos. I own 2 businesses... sometimes the co exist together, sometimes they are completely separate. I also own a photography and graphic design business. I shoot models for book covers and design book covers or other stuff for authors. That business is called K Keeton Designs... which is where the "KKD" comes into the hair and makeup business.(NOTE, I dont shoot weddings) I actually met Tessi, who we call my non romantic life partner, at a shoot. Another model brought her to meet me and thus began our relationship of me pushing every single boundary she has. Basically I won and she now has me by her side all the time.

I call her my cat. She basically is a cat in a human body. You know.... one min she's all cuddly and like pet me, and the next she's hitting stuff off my table with a paw just because, and then like scratches you for touching her... LOL All joking of course...........

Short story, she can never get rid of me and ever since I first met her she's done all things with me. Im constantly messaging her telling her of the next great business plan that we are going to do. Basically we are 2 creative souls trying to make a living on what we love. Tessi can be found as a model on MANY, as in hundreds of book covers, from young adult to romance covers with those all so attractive men who basically live in a gym and eat super healthy. Tessi is like this as well, unless of course she is at my house eating my daughters homemade desserts. She is a gym rat though and runs like forest gump. ALL THE TIME... just because.

Well... I hope you love us and want to work with us. We are pretty fun and we love meeting new people! No such thing as a stranger. Also... We love Coffee... I dont own a cafe... but I will always have coffee in my hand when you meet me. I have a coffee tattoo, and a tree with probably 20+ starbucks ornaments on it. Basically I LOVE coffee. and so the business has infused my personal life with my business life. So if Starbucks is open before I come to do your hair and makeup, send me your order! Because I will always make a point to stop! lol


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